Surveillance Nation

High-Technology Surveillance, Deception, Mind Control, and Non-Consensual Experimentation in the United States of America

High Technology Enables Virtually Undetectable Surveillance

Something has gone terribly wrong in the United States of America. Technological developments have enabled virtually undetectable surveillance as well as fabrication of all manner of nefarious robotic and biologic devices. These are being used on citizens of the United States, in clear violation of their constitutionally guaranteed rights, to say nothing of common sense and morality. The possibility of such uses of nanotechnology has been recognized (see here or the privacy section in this report), but the fact that they have already been developed and are in use is a secret, known only by a select group of people. The public controversy involving the National Security Agency (NSA) listening in on domestic phone conversations pales in comparison with the covert activities being performed without public knowledge or approval. And the group consists of more than just a few individuals - these activities require the organized effort of large number of people - and must be implicitly condoned by even more people who are aware that it is happening. Used in the name of law enforcement, it is probably easy to persuade people to assist the group, with the end justifying the means. However, this is a slippery slope to start down. As Lord Acton said:

"Power tends to corrupt, and abosolute power corrupts absolutely."

Undetectable surveillance has the potential for all manner of abuse. It imparts great power to those performing it, making it possible to steal information with impunity and use it for political or personal gain.

All manner of high-technology is being used: laser image projection, through-the-wall imaging techniques, unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs), micro-airborne vehicles (MAVs), micropower impulse radar (MIR), bionic/robotic birds, spiders, and other remotely-controlled devices as well as engineered biologics. Much of it is based on micro- or nanotechnology and molecular biology - technologies that promise many benefits for mankind - but technologies that also inextricably carry with them a "dark side". As Bill Joy, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems wrote in the April 2000 issue of Wired magazine (full text here):

"Unfortunately, as with nuclear technology, it is far easier to create destructive uses for nanotechnology than constructive ones. Nanotechnology has clear military and terrorist uses."

Certainly, the same can be said about engineered biological devices. These nefarious applications appear to be being developed by the military and perhaps other agencies. It is being done secretly, and is not known to the general public or available in the "open literature", akin the the Manhattan project during World War II. In fact, most people do not believe that much of what is being done is even possible yet because of the secrecy behind the developments. These high technologies are used not only for surveillance, but also to perpetrate hoaxes and deceptions of all sorts. Used in conjunction with psychological terror techniques (e.g. gang stalking ), people are easily deceived into believing they are hallucinating, hearing things, and going crazy.

The perpetrators are well organized and well funded. Although associated with law enforcement, they function above the law - essentially as organized crime operating under the color of authority. They are turning the basic principles upon which the country is founded upside down, and using the Constitution as toilet paper, protected by ever-increasing levels of government secrecy. It's the brave new world of the United States of America.

Bioterrorism And Mind-Control Technologies Are Being Developed In Non-Consensual Experimentation On Unwitting People

The miniature robotic technologies that are being developed to perform surveillance can also be used to perform all manner of malicious mischief, including delivering bioterrorism devices, engineered biologicals, or drugs to people without their consent or knowledge. At least one group that these technologies and equipment is being tested and used on is drug users, probably both to help develop and test the devices as well as cause these people to believe that their drug use causes all manner of effects that are in fact due to these high-technology deceptions. These perpetrations range from the use of laser image projections to induce the illusion of hallucinations, inducing auditory hallucinations by a number of means, to, astonishing as it seems, the introduction of micro/nano-technological and engineered biological devices into their bodies to engender a contrived correlation between drug use and all manner of bodily ills. I surmise that military technology being developed in secret by the Department of Defense, particularly the Navy, has been made available (contrary to posse comitatis) to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) under the guise of the "War on Drugs", and is being tested on these individuals covertly, without their consent. It is particularly easy to employ these individuals as an experimental population because it is easy to garner public support for such a program targeted at them, and any complaints that such perpetrations are being perfomed are easily dismissed as drug-induced psychoses or that the individuals are mentally ill. However, once developed, they could be used on practically any group or individual, for any purpose(s) deemed desirable by those in possession of the technologies. Clearly, the ramifications are far-reaching, especially given that the perpetrators are demonstrably unconcerned about the legality and/or morality of their program.

These applications fall under the rubric of bioterrorism and mind-control devices, and the ones I have had experience with have not yet been fatal. However, only slight changes in the design of the devices would make them far more damaging; all the development and delivery methods being used would apply regardless of the nature of the devices. Certainly, these nastier devices have been developed as well. One of the goals of earlier mind-control programs was to be able to train and control assassins and the like. These new technologies enable something better: the virtually undetectable delivery, using small robots, of virtually undetectable nanotechnological or biological agents to targets, having a wide range of effects.

Who Am I?

My name is Jonathan Hansen, and I have become aware of this organization, its methods, and the technology being used by having been targeted by them for at least five years now. After what must have been a highly successful vilification campaign, people I don't even know express their disgust with my existence when they see me (check this wmv or mov out, for example). It is as if I've become a "poster boy" for this organization, and they are using me and my house as a "test bed" for the whole gamut of their high-technology armamentarium. I have been subjected to all manner of malicious mischief, hoaxes, and psychological terror. They have intercepted my mail, both electronic and physical, and are directly connected to my phone line. My house has been broken into numerous times, once while I was inside. All manner of surveillance devices have been used in and around my house. But the most astonishing, incredible, and heinous intrusions have been on my body. Using very small robots and molecular biological techniques, they have infected me with what must be considered all manner of bioterrorism devices under development, ranging from small but visible bionic devices to what I suspect are DNA or RNA based "synthetic diseases", the latest developments in mind-control technologies that have been being researched by the government since the infamous MKULTRA program.

Why Me?

A natural question that arises is why me? I don't think there can be a valid legal or moral justification for these activities being done to anyone. Using robots to perform malicious mischief is heinous enough, but using them to deliver mind control and bioterrorism devices into an unwitting and unconsenting person's body is clearly contrary to implied consent laws, to say nothing of the Nuremberg code. Of course, it is easy to evade detection if this is done to drug users or people framed as mentally ill, as any complaints can be easily dismissed as confabulations. It's true I have "inhaled", but I am not a drug dealer. I am not an important person. I don't know any important people. I don't know any state secrets. Unless - unless it's that I realize that this illegal surveillance and non-consensual experimentation is being performed, and have a dim idea of the devices and methods being used. Unless it's that I know that a large number of people, including law-enforcement personnel, are implicitly cooperating if not overtly colluding in this endeavor. Unless it's that they are trying to throw everything in their armamentarium at me to cause me to "freak out" and be declared mentally ill so no one takes these claims seriously. Other than experimental research or a personal vendetta, the enormous amount of time, money, and resources devoted to this harassment cannot be rationally justified and makes no sense. So, in the end, I guess the best answer is, "I don't know".

About This Site

In any case, my having been targeted by this organization has given me the (unfortunate) opportunity to observe their methods, technologies, and devices. Because the methods used are deliberately designed to evade detection and leave little evidence, or the evidence is intentionally destroyed, it is not easy to enlist the help of law enforcement agencies. In addition, the complicity of many law enforcement agencies and personnel precludes turning to them for help. And since claims of surveillance, gangstalking, mind-control, and non-consensual experimentation fit so easily into psychiatric diagnoses, a strategy of accusing anyone making such claims as mentally ill allows easy dismissal of them, without further investigation. Hence, I have put together this web site to describe and document what I have learned. In the era of increasing government secrecy, my experiences may shed some light on some of the covert and clandestine programs and "black" operations being performed that are cloaked and hidden by this unprecedented level of secrecy and unaccountability.

I realize that there are all manner of sites on the internet, many (if not most) filled with disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, or just plain silly crap (which can be humorous at times). I have noticed that there are a number of sites related to these topics (mind control, electromagnetic weapons, etc) whose explanations of methods are not well grounded in what is technically possible, and at times crossing over the line of what is even physically possible. In fact, my investigations suggest that various government agencies perform extensive disinformation campaigns on the web, diluting factual sites and swaying beliefs by means of majority rule. Hence, It would not be surprising if some of those sites are disinformation sites, deliberately intended to divert attention from the real technologies that are being developed and help portray individuals that report and discuss the topics as lunatics. However, everything in this site is intended be serious (unless otherwise marked), with documentation and evidence where possible, based on observations and inferences drawn from my experiences, as well as consistent with what is technologically and physically feasible. And at times, reality is more incredible than science fiction.

Because the surveillance and non-consensual experimentation is ongoing, the methods being used are changing and evolving, and most of the data and physical evidence I have gathered have not yet been analyzed, this site should be considered a work in progress (see the Change Log for the history of additions and changes). In many cases, I do have a confirmable explanation of mechanisms, only hypotheses. Nonetheless, my experiences and observations provide some data that constrain them, and are provided herein. I hope you find it informative and eye-opening, providing a glimpse of the actions of the secret government of the United States.

A Quick Tour

I have divided the site into a number of sections to aid in organization as well as to allow quicker access to various topics. The divisions are somewhat artificial, as various devices can be used in more than manner - for example, miniature robotic devices can be used to perform surveillance as well as to deliver bioterrorism agents or project laser images for hoaxes, deceptions, or diversions. But this is how it is currently arranged; any suggestions for revision are welcome.

Surveillance Principles and Devices is a large section, covering all manner of surveillance techniques and devices that I have become aware of. Although I am not a professional in the area, the introductory "principles" are some that anyone would agree about after a logical analysis, as well as a few that I have empirically learned are used based on my personal experiences.

Bioterrorism, Mind-Control, and Non-Consensual Experimentation is another large section, and is frightening indeed. It covers the gamut of biological and miniature robotic devices and methods I have been subjected to, without my consent or knowledge, in attempts by the perpetrators to change, control, and punish my behavior. Much of this seems incredible and probably not believed to be possible by the general public. I believe it is being developed in secret and tested on drug users or individuals accused of being mentally ill so as to easily divert inquiry and investigation. However, range of potential applications is enormous, as are the ethical and legal implications and ramifications.

Sabotage describes a number of activities that were performed to prevent the collection of or the destruction of evidence about the various perpetrations. I distinguish these from all manner of Malicious Mischief, which seem to be intended to "freak" one out and produce psychological terror, discomfort, or confusion. The distinction between "malicious mischief" and Deceptions, Diversions, Ruses, Hoaxes, and Magic Shows is less clear: they overlap considerably but in my mind involve less destruction of property. The latter includes a number of high-quality, laser image projection effects rivalling the best Hollywood special effects or Las Vegas displays.

Non-Lethal and Electromagnetic Weapons covers my encounters with directed-energy devices, primarily acoustic and electromagnetic, again apparently to "freak" me out but also at times to control behavior.

Tracking and Gangstalking describes my experience being tracked and "gangstalked". That is, where a group of people, in communication with one another, keep track of my whereabouts and deliberately perform acts such as coughing, spitting or making hand signals (for example). These acts are almost certainly done in an effort to frame a psychiatric diagnosis: these are some of the diagnositic criteria for schizophrenia straight from the DSM-IV.

Potentially Lethal Tricks describes some occurrences where the perpetrators attempted some tricks whose consequences could have been lethal, but would have appeared accidental. Wouldn't that be convenient...

A large number of the activities of the perpetrators require devices inside my house. For the most part, these are performed by small robotic devices that can easily gain entry. But on a few occasions the human perpetrators have actually broken into my house, once while I was at home! The section Breakings and Enterings describes those events.

No surveillance program would be complete without listening in on phone conversations. But the perpetrators have great technological savvy, and have actually intercepted phone calls that I have made. The Phone Taps and Interceptions section explains more fully what has occurred. Of course, information and communication control would not be complete without Mail Interceptions, both snail and email, or Computer Hacks and Spyware installed on various of my machines. My attempts at alerting organizations, congresspeople, and authorities, whether intercepted or ignaored, are collected together under Correspondence. This page also contains some recordings of verbal interactions.

As I mentioned above, all of these perpetrations can be easily dismissed without further investigation if the targeted individual was diagnosed as mentally ill. Various attempts of this sort are described in the section Mental Illness Ploys.

Another classic surveillance technique is to recruit an "inside man", or spy. I believe a friend of mine was so recruited; An Inside Man explains why.

Who are the perpetrators? My observations and experiences allow certain inferences and hypotheses in The Perpetrator Organization.

This site has been organized into sections according topics as described. In My Story Chronologically I try to recount various events in chronological order, and explain their significance at the time. Given the large number of hoaxes, deceptions, and diversions, a lot of blind alleys were explored, and wrong trees barked up. A little background on my training and personal life are contained in About Me.

On a number of occasions I have submitted testimony to organized groups of targeted individuals. Some of this is contained in the section Targeted Individual Testimony

The section entitled Essays and FAQs includes various essays addressing issues and questions that are often asked, including why "if one has nothing to hide, what's wrong with being watched". Holy cow!

I welcome any suggestions, thoughts and comments about this site. I can be contacted as described in Contact - but please, no spam or suggestions that I need professional help...

Analysis of the various items I have collected is difficult, equipment used to detect surveillance and document it is expensive, and I have been unsuccessful at recruiting any authorities or organizations in assisting in the endeavor. Hence, so far all of this has been done out of my own pockets. If anyone would like to subsidize this effort, Donations will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged. Everything learned will be posted on this website.

Links lists a number of sites that have been helpful to me, document various aspects of this site, or cover some of the topics from a different point of view.

Acknowledgements credits those that have been of assistance.

Fun is the only non-serious section, intended to provide comic relief.

Again, I hope this site has been informative and useful. I solicit comments and feedback, and thanks for visiting!

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